«A brief history of anarchism in Romania» Vlad Brătuleanu


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The second in our co-publications with Pagini Libere of Romania. This is ‘A Brief History of Anarchism in Romania’ by Vlad Brătuleanu, a new text based on older ones that have not been available before in English.
Bratuleanu’s investigation begins with the second half of the nineteenth century (Zamfir Arbore, Ioan Nădejde), continuing with the period of Romanian history known as the Old Kingdom and the Unification of Greater Romania in 1918 (a period when anarchist thinkers and activists including Panait Mușoiu, Panait Zosîn, Neagu Negulescu, and others were active), up until the end of the interwar period. A Brief History of Anarchism in Romania is an interesting enquiry into the lives and activities of people, communities, and newspapers, of fascinating yet nearly forgotten groups and social or artistic experiments.


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